Tarotorial Training Tarot Deck - Raven and Rogue
Tarotorial Training Tarot Deck - Raven and Rogue
Tarotorial Training Tarot Deck - Raven and Rogue
Tarotorial Training Tarot Deck - Raven and Rogue

Tarotorial Tarot Training Deck


Tarotorial is a training tarot deck based on the popular Rider Waite style. It was created to help newbies and those with memory issues, neurodiversity, ADHD, and so on learn how to read tarot cards with greater ease. It's great for experienced readers that want to brush up on their skills, too!

At their core, they're like tarot flashcards. Each card has the upright and reversed meanings printed directly on the card for quick reference. And, they include some less commonly-known information, too. There are even descriptions of the traditional Rider Waite cards.

This is a full 78-card, 2.75” x 4.75” tarot deck encased in a custom printed tuck box with a velvety, soft-touch coating. The cards are printed on 14pt premium paper stock with a glossy coating to help with shuffling. The cards aren't as heavy as some others, and that's by design. The deck was intended to be easier for smaller hands to shuffle without being too cumbersome.

Please keep in mind that there are no illustrations on these cards. Each card contains descriptions of the traditional Rider Waite artwork, the upright and reversed meanings, and more to guide you in your tarot journey!

Also included with each deck is an 8-page booklet with common spreads and other helpful information.

I love making all things pagan and occult accessible to all. Accessibility is important not only for inclusion but to educate and therefore reduce prejudices. When I was starting with tarot, I found it incredibly frustrating to not only figure out how to do a spread, but how to read the cards. I fumbled with the included booklet and felt lost. Watching my daughter grow up, I saw her experiencing the same issues. Hopefully, with this deck, more people can not only feel comfortable with reading their cards but feel more empowered to do so.

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