Mugwort - Raven and Rogue
Mugwort - Raven and Rogue
Mugwort - Raven and Rogue
Mugwort - Raven and Rogue
Mugwort - Raven and Rogue

Mugwort - Artemisia Vulgaris - Organic

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1 ounce
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Although mugwort is often encapsulated or used to prepare teas and tinctures, the herb is also compounded with other herbs and resins to produce ceremonial incense. John the Baptist, who lived in the wilderness of Judea, reputedly carried the herb for protection. Mugwort is also a traditional material for herbal sleep pillows. It is also said that placing dried mugwort under the pillow will promote lucid dreaming.

Mugwort was commonly used in the preservation of meats due to its antimicrobial properties. Mugwort is a natural insecticide.

Note: Mugwort’s psychoactive effects can be absorbed through the skin, so take caution. Its effects are felt most strongly when asleep or in a trance state. Do not ingest while pregnant or breastfeeding.

Magical Uses: Dreamwork, lucid dreaming, protection, astral projection, fertility, divination
Elemental Correspondences: Earth
Planetary Correspondences: Moon, Venus
Zodiac Correspondences: Cancer, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius
Deity Associations: Artemis, Diana, The Crone

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