A piece of paper with four printed tarot cards lays on a white table with a green plant on it. The text reads "Printable Tarotorial The Ultimate Tarot Training Deck"
There is a printed page from the Printable Tarotorial Deck on a gray backdrop. The page has tarot card meanings on it.
There is a printed page with "The Fool" written on it, and the page is sitting on a blue background.
Three pieces of paper with tarot card meanings on them are laid against a blue background.
The Star tarot card rests against a scattered pile of tarot cards.
A piece of paper with four tarot cards on it is laying on a yellow table. To the right of the paper is a phone. There is a jar full of pencils and a stack of paper clips.
A printed page from the Printable Tarotorial is laying in a folder on a wooden table. There are pencils, sticky notes, and a journal in the scene.

Tarotorial® Classic Printable Training Tarot Deck Plus Guide


Fans of the popular Tarotorial® Tarot Deck have been asking for a printed version since its inception. We're proud to announce that we've finally found a solution for you! Not only will you get the full printable version of the Tarotorial deck ready to print at home, but you'll get a note page for each tarot card with the Rider Waite Smith artwork included, and several other pages to help in your tarot study. This PDF contains over 100 total pages!

Note: This is a digital download ONLY. Nothing will be shipped. No refunds on digital items. You'll receive a link for your download via email after ordering.

⩥ What You'll Get ⩤
⁌ The full 78 card Tarotorial deck ready for print (with a page with the back artwork for double-sided printing)
⁌ Six different spread tutorials
⁌ Color correspondences
⁌ Tips on cleansing your deck
⁌ Tips on connecting with your deck
⁌ Tips on understanding the artwork
⁌ The full 78 card Rider Waite Smith artwork embedded into note pages for easy journaling
⁌ Descriptions of the Major vs Minor Arcana
⁌ Descriptions of the elements in Tarot
⁌ Numerology explanation
⁌ A one-sheet reference guide with all Major and Minor Arcana cards (includes upright and reversed keywords)

About the Tarotorial® Classic Tarot Deck

The Tarotorial® Classic Tarot Deck is the perfect deck for beginners and experienced readers alike. It breaks down the symbolism and meaning of each card, helping those new to the world of tarot understand this mystical and magical art.

This tarot training deck works like common flashcards. Each card has the upright and reverse meanings for quick reference, as well as some lesser-known information to enhance your knowledge. There are even descriptions of the traditional Rider Waite Smith cards, so no need to keep referencing a pocketbook of information. Everything is easily accessible at your fingertips for a more immersive learning experience.

Unlike most tarot decks, this training tarot deck contains no actual illustrations of the cards, but rather descriptions of the traditional Pamela Colman Smith artwork. This is to help one learn the meanings through clear text-based direction, rather than visual interpretation, which can often be difficult for beginners.

The Tarotorial® Classic Tarot Deck is not only great for beginners at tarot, but those wishing to develop their tarot reading skills even further with a better understanding of the cards. It is a practical deck for tarot teachers as well, being a great beginner deck for their students.

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