A bowl full of whole bay leaves
A bowl full of whole bay leaves
A spoonful of whole bay leaves

Whole Bay Leaves - Lauru Nobilis - Organic


Weight: 1 ounce

1 ounce
To the ancient Greeks, bay leaves, or bay laurel, represented great athletic and literary achievement and were either worn about the head in a wreath or presented in a ceremony of recognition. The herb was also associated with enhancing memory, so Greek students often wore strands of bay leaves around their heads to help recall information during exams.

Bay leaves are commonly used for manifestation, protection, and to promote clairvoyance. They're an excellent tool for cleansing and promoting intuition. It's said that ancient temples regularly used bay leaves as incense to ward off negative energy.

Magical Uses: Creativity, Love, Success, Psychic Work, Protection, Healing
Elemental Correspondences: Fire
Planetary Correspondences: Sun
Zodiac Correspondences: Leo
Deity Associations: Apollo, Daphne, Gaia

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1 ounce