IMPERFECT Tarotorial ® Expanded Guidebook

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Note: These are damaged copies of our new Tarotorial® Expanded Guidebook. Some of our books had damage to their exterior hardcovers in transit. Rather than discarding these, we're selling them at a large discount in an effort to not be wasteful.

Discover the captivating world of Tarot with the "Tarotorial® Expanded Guidebook" by Tarot expert Pamela Coe. This guide is an accessible entry point into the Rider Waite Smith Tarot System, catering to enthusiasts at all experience levels.

As a reflective form of divination, Tarot holds a mirror to our subconscious. The "Tarotorial® Expanded Guidebook" equips readers with the tools to decipher these reflections, encouraging them to pull insights from the symbolism. Over 300 pages detail each card's objects, colors, and symbols, demystifying traditional interpretations and making the learning process both engaging and informative.

The guidebook emphasizes Tarot as a tool for reflection and personal growth. It encourages readers to develop their skills in reading symbolism and gradually build confidence in their intuitive abilities. This approach deepens your understanding of the Tarot and supports your journey toward self-discovery and personal insight.

Whether you're a beginner curious about Tarot or someone looking to deepen your existing practice, this guidebook offers a valuable resource. It's designed to be a friendly and supportive companion on your journey through the rich landscape of the Rider Waite Smith Tarot system.

Tarotorial® is not only great for beginners at tarot, but those wishing to develop their tarot reading skills even further with a better understanding of the cards. It is a practical deck for tarot teachers, being a great beginner deck for their students.

Guidebook Details
Over 300 pages of detailed information
· Hardcover with black holographic foil page edges
· 6x9”