Lemon Peel - Citrus Limon - Raven and Rogue
Lemon Peel - Citrus Limon - Raven and Rogue
Lemon Peel - Citrus Limon - Raven and Rogue
Lemon Peel - Citrus Limon - Raven and Rogue
Lemon Peel - Citrus Limon - Raven and Rogue
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Lemon Peel - Citrus Limon

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Likely native to the Indian subcontinent, the common lemon spread through casual cultivation into the Orient. Sometime around 1500 AD, seeds were brought to the Caribbean and Florida by the Spanish.

In the latter half of the 18th century, the lemon was cultivated on a large scale in California. By 1870, to supply growing demand in the United States and avoid their importation from Sicily, Floridians revived commercial cultivation of the lemon.

Use was recorded in Greece by 300 BC. By 20 BC cultivators were noted in Italy. Evidence of the use of lemon has been discovered in the ruins of Pompeii.

The peel actually consists of two components—the flavedo and the outer white pith of the rind. Because the peel is where the essential oils of the fruit reside, it retains robust flavor, even when dried.

Magical Uses: Lunar work, purifying, cleansing, love, abundance, creativity, faithfulness
Elemental Correspondences: Water
Planetary Correspondences: Moon
Zodiac Correspondences: Cancer, Pisces
Deity Associations: Diana

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