Protection Oil - Evil Eye, Warding, Banish, Witches Shield, Binding
Protection Oil - Evil Eye, Warding, Banish, Witches Shield, Binding
Protection Oil - Evil Eye, Warding, Banish, Witches Shield, Binding

Protection Oil - Evil Eye, Warding, Banish, Witches Shield, Binding


Options: 2 Ounce Bottle

2 Ounce Bottle

Designed for protection, warding, binding, and avoidance of evil eye. Every ingredient is carefully sourced, blessed, and added with specific intent. We allow our anointing oils to soak for a full moon cycle to allow the ingredients to release their energy and essence fully.

♥ Anoint yourself daily to manifest protection
♥ Use in a diffuser to envelop your space with the affirming scent
♥ Charge spiritual items
♥ Dab on your pulse points to use as a perfume to keep people from bothering you
♥ Dress candles for divination or spellwork
♥ Rub on your feet to shield your path
♥ Add to your bath water or after showering to condition your skin
♥ Anoint your wards
♥ Add a few drops to your floor wash
♥ Rub a few drops on your door and windows to keep intruders at bay
♥ Anoint to lock your mirrors
♥ Add a few drops around the location of someone you want to bind or banish

Although the oil looks pigmented, it will only leave a slight shimmer on your skin from the mica powder used as a colorant. If you'd prefer to have your oil sent without mica powder, please select the option for "color-free" when checking out.

A curated blend of grapeseed oil, herbs and botanicals (rosemary, marshmallow root, lemongrass, nettle, horehound, red clover, agrimony, bay leaf, ginger, basil, angelica root, blessed thistle), crystals, essential oils, mica powder, and phthalate-free fragrances.

Do not ingest.

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2 Ounce Bottle