Star Anise - Raven and Rogue
Star Anise - Raven and Rogue
Star Anise - Raven and Rogue
Star Anise - Raven and Rogue
Star Anise - Raven and Rogue
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Star Anise (Whole) - Illicium Verum

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Product description

Star Anise, also called Chinese Star Anise and Star Aniseed, is a spice obtained from the fruits of an Asian shrub. It is so-named because the seed pods are star-shaped and contain a highly aromatic compound called anethole, which is responsible for the anise-like flavor of the spice.

Magical Uses: Luck, clairvoyance, protection, Yule/Imbolc work, calm
Elemental Correspondences: Air
Planetary Correspondences: Jupiter
Zodiac Correspondences: Pisces, Sagittarius 
Deity Associations: Buddha, Quan Yin

Please consult your doctor before using herbs if intending to ingest them. Our herbs are not a substitute for medical care. Research carefully before utilizing herbs in your practice. Curio only.

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