Witches Starter Kit
Witches Starter Kit
Witches Starter Kit
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Witches Starter Kit

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Witches Starter Kit

Witches Starter Kit

Product description

This kit includes:

  • 6" x 10" floral carved wooden box
  • 20ml bottle of clear quartz chips
  • 20ml bottle of aventurine chips
  • 20ml bottle of rose quartz chips
  • 20ml bottle of citrine chips
  • 20ml bottle of tigers eye chips
  • 20ml bottle of howlite chips
  • 20ml bottle of lapis lazuli chips
  • 20ml bottle of amethyst chips
  • 10ml bottle of lemongrass
  • 10ml bottle of lavender
  • 10ml bottle of cloves
  • 10ml bottle of spearmint
  • 10ml bottle of calendula
  • 10ml bottle of rose petals
  • 10ml bottle of mugwort
  • 10ml bottle of nettle
  • 10ml bottle of chamomile
  • 10ml bottle of rosemary
  • 10ml bottle of yarrow
  • 10ml bottle of elderberries
  • 10ml bottle of black salt
  • Handcrafted abundance spell jar
  • 10 multi-color chime spell candles
  • 1 cast iron triple moon chime candle holder
  • 1 cast iron pentacle chime candle holder
  • 1 silver crystal spoon
  • 1 Shiva shell heart
Important Ordering Info

👉👉 TAROTORIAL AVAILABILITY: Due to the unpredictable nature of the supply chain during the pandemic, we will no longer be doing preorders for our Tarotorial deck. If our deck shows as "sold out," it is because we have exhausted our current printed supply. We will put up an estimated restock date for reference, but decks will not be available for order until they're assembled and stocked in our warehouse. Customers may sign up for our newsletter where we'll announce restocks. Thanks for understanding!

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