About Raven and Rogue

Raven and Rogue was initially started as a means of rehabilitation for our founder, Pamela. She had just suffered from a stroke at 36 and needed something to regain dexterity in her right hand. She began diving into her passion of creating spiritually nourishing products to feed the soul.

Handmade With Intention

Every single Tarotorial® deck is printed and assembled in-house, and arrives carefully wrapped in black paper and signature gold wax seal


ONE CARD Draw - Tarotorial Training Tarot Deck

If you've been interested in receiving a quick card pull from our popular Tarotorial tarot deck, but aren't ready to commit to buying the full deck, then this is the perfect opportunity for you! We'll select one random card and ship it to you. Not only will you get a card selected for you, but you'll be able to keep the physical card itself.

Tarotorial® is the most comprehensive tool for learning to read tarot

High quality herbs and botanicals for teas and spell work

Unique ritual tools to enhance your practice

Ethically-sourced and high quality crystals and statement pieces

Unique candles created for specific intentions

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