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Made by a neurodivergent,
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Memorization can be difficult for readers who have memory issues, ADHD or are in other ways neurodivergent. I designed my deck with those people in mind. Having to constantly check back with booklets for card meanings frustrated me when I first started reading.

Why Tarotorial is Different

The reviews are in!

“ As a professional/advance reader/teacher: Gurl, get them. Perfect for every time your brain decides its Jon Snow and you know nothing. Excellent for teaching and streaming readings. ”

" Y’all, these cards are QUALITY. They’re nice and sturdy, easy to read and understand for a newbie like myself. The packaging was really cool. I didn’t want to open them to be honest. I highly recommend. "

Chad (Etsy)

" This is actually the second time I've bought this deck, this time as a gift. I can't recommend this deck enough - the descriptions and details on each card are perfect for someone looking to learn traditional interpretations of tarot, but also great for veterans looking for something different. Won't be the last time I gift this to a friend. "

Naomi (Etsy)

" I think this deck is outlandishly brilliant. Especially for those who thrive in a flashcard set. It’s like a tarot deck meets flashcards and especially if that’s the kind of learner you are, I hands down recommend this. "

Robyn from A Tired Witch

“ As a novice in tarot these cards are great. I like that they have the face-up and upside down descriptions/meanings for the cards as well. ”

Stephanie (Etsy)

“ I love this deck! It is the perfect deck for a beginner … experienced readers will enjoy the fresh perspective as well. The concept is wholly original and very creative. ”

Laura (Etsy)

Indie Deck Review's coverage of the Tarotorial tarot deck
Tarotorial allows you to learn tarot intuitively
An Etsy review of the Tarotorial tarot deck review of the Tarotorial tarot deck
Stephanie from Etsy reviews the Tarotorial deck
Customer image of the Tarotorial tarot training deck


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