Altar Tools

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Black Microfiber Drawstring Tarot Bags

Black Microfiber Drawstring Tarot Bags

These tarot bags are perfect for storing your tarot cards. The fabric is ultra-soft and protects your valuable cards from damage. They're the perfect size to hold a full 78-card...
Rusted oxidized weathered cast iron coffin nails for baneful magic voodoo hoodoo

Rusted Iron Coffin Nails - Baneful Magic Tools, Purifying & Cleansing, Protection

Iron coffin nails are widely known for their ability to add to the potency of magick, particularly in the area of baneful magick and protection. Each nail is approximately 2"...
Crystal Altar or Tea Spoon

Crystal Altar or Tea Spoon

Each spoon is made of non-toxic zinc alloy. Approximately 3.75" long. 
Cast iron cauldron for small spaces and altars

Cast Iron Oval Cauldron

An oval-shaped cast iron cauldron that can also be used as an incense pot. The metal section in the middle that holds the incense sticks is separate and can be...
A 5 inch long brass candle snuffing tool against a white background

Antique Gold Candle Snuffer

Antique gold finish swivel metal candle snuffer. 5" long.
A black Elemental Altar Cloth Tarot Cloth by Raven and Rogue on a pink background

Elemental Altar Cloth - Tarot Cloth, Oracle Altar Cloth

This tarot cloth (or altar cloth) contains a design signifying the four cardinal directions — North, South, East, and West — along with their associated Minor Arcana suit and elemental...
Used Lucky Horseshoe

Used Lucky Horseshoe

Used in Irish folklore, hanging a horseshoe facing upwards in a "U" shape is said to keep evil out and bring good luck into your home. Conversely, hanging it upside down...
Round Selenite Charging Plate

Round Selenite Charging Plate

2.5" - 3". Useful for charging and cleansing your stones or crystals. Minor imperfection is normal as it is natural stone. Size and shape may vary. Attention: Selenite Stone may be...
Two cast iron candle holders with triple moon designs

Triple Moon Cast Iron Chime Candle Holder

Made of black enameled cast iron, this is our heaviest, sturdiest candle holder for mini spell candles. It measures about 1.25 inches tall. The front side has a subtle triple...
Cresent moon-shaped selenite plate standing upright

Crescent Moon Selenite Charging Plate

2.5"-3". Useful for charging and cleansing your stones or crystals. Minor imperfection is normal as it is natural stone. Size and shape may vary. Attention: Selenite Stone may be oily...
Aries Zodiac Astrology Candle

Aries Zodiac Candle with Pewter Pendant Charm

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and it is a fire sign, associated with enthusiasm, energy, and passion. People born under this sign are often described as confident,...
simmer pot full of herbs for natural potpourri

Witch Simmer Pot, Stovetop Potpourri, Spiced Simmering Scent, Natural Air Freshener, Stovetop Spell

Our simmer pot mixture contains spices and fruit that invoke the scents of the winter season! Each 7 ounce glass jar comes packed to allow you to enjoy the scent...