Leafy Herbs

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A bowl full of mugwort

Mugwort - Artemisia Vulgaris - Organic

DO NOT INGEST IF PREGNANT OR BREASTFEEDING. Although mugwort is often encapsulated or used to prepare teas and tinctures, the herb is also compounded with other herbs and resins to produce ceremonial...
A bowl full of mullein

Mullein - Verbascum Thapsus - Organic

The flowers were once used to produce yellow-green dye, while the leaves were used to insulate footwear and to make candle wicking. Because of the high mucilage content of the...
A bowl full of whole bay leaves

Whole Bay Leaves - Lauru Nobilis - Organic

To the ancient Greeks, bay leaves, or bay laurel, represented great athletic and literary achievement and were either worn about the head in a wreath or presented in a ceremony...
A bowl full of nettle

Nettle Leaf - Urtica Dioica - Organic

Nettle, also known as stinging nettle, is a perennial herb native to Europe, Africa and North America. As the common name implies, the plant is armed with hair-like stingers that inject...
A bowl full of lemongrass

Lemongrass - Cymbopogon Citratus - Organic

Lemongrass is a tall grass that is native to Southeast Asia and cultivated in other tropical zones. The leaves contain a high concentration of a compound called citral, which accounts for...
A bowl full of catnip

Catnip - Nepeta Cataria - Organic

Catnip is a member of the mint family originally native to Europe that is now naturalized just about everywhere else. The herb is aptly named since it contains a chemical...
A bowl full of dried olive leaves

Olive Leaf - Olea Europaea

Olive leaf comes from the same Mediterranean tree as olive oil. Just like the oil expressed from the fruit of this tree, the leaf is rich in nutrients, including a potent antioxidant...
Thyme Leaf - Thymus Vulgaris - Raven and Rogue

Thyme Leaf - Thymus Vulgaris

Thyme is a flowering shrubby plant in the mint family that is original to the Mediterranean region. As one of the most popular culinary herbs world-wide, however, it is cultivated elsewhere...