Oddly enough, Tarotorial® started with a stroke.

I've been studying Tarot since childhood. I grew up in a pagan household with an incredible Mom that opened the door to spiritual study. She fostered my curiosity and imagination for all things and encouraged me to learn about different types of spiritualism to formulate my own conclusions. When I became a stepmom, I wanted to create the same safe harbor for my daughter to explore the world.

In June 2019, when I was just 36 years old, I suffered a stroke that left my dominant right hand temporarily incapacitated. I had been working as a Creative Director, but I now suddenly found my life coming to a screeching halt. I had been working on a set of Tarot flashcards for my daughter before my stroke and decided to make the project my primary focus during my recovery. At my physical therapist's suggestion, I worked the creation of the deck into my rehabilitation exercises.

It took three months to finalize the first version of Tarotorial®. Its completion revealed a wider impact beyond just my stepdaughter and me. The demand for the cards grew, inspiring me to convert the flashcards into a full Tarot deck. With my wife Courtney's unwavering support and her push to self-publish, what began as a personal project evolved into a shared journey.

Being someone with AuDHD and now navigating post-stroke challenges, I understood the unique struggles faced by the neurodivergent community. I've relied heavily on tools like flashcards for my aphasia and felt there was a niche for more accessible Tarot learning tools. Traditional educational methods often cater to the neurotypical, leaving out the neurodivergent—those with conditions like autism, dyslexia, and ADHD. This oversight extends to Tarot, where interpreting intricate symbolism and constantly referring to guides can deter newcomers. Since my stroke, I've realized that bridging this gap in the esoteric community is my purpose, and it's quickly become my passion.

I hope Tarotorial® brings comfort to those learning to read Tarot for the first time!

♡ Pamela

Meet the Team

Pamela Coe

Pamela Coe is a Creative Director, award-winning designer, and bestselling author who passionately advocates for Neurodiversity, gender nonconformity, and disability advocacy in spirituality. She's a 30+ year Romani practitioner of the craft. After suffering an ischemic stroke at 36, Pamela discovered that design was integral to her recovery. Through the suggestion of her physical therapist, she incorporated the creation of the Tarotorial® deck into her rehabilitation exercises. After three (long!) months, she not only regained dexterity and feeling on her stroke-affected side but also created a training tool to help people of all experience levels learn to read Tarot more intuitively.

Courtney Coe

Courtney worked as an ASE Certified Master Technician in vintage automotive restoration, having worked on an extensive portfolio of classic and collector cars. She left the industry in 2020 to partner with her wife, Pamela, at Raven and Rogue. Courtney is a transgender woman, and advocates for gender rights and inclusivity. She's the resident shop MacGyver (seriously, she can build ANYTHING!) and handles all of the logistics and business operations at R+R.