We're Raven and Rogue, the publishers of the popular Tarotorial® Tarot Training Deck!

We opened our doors in the summer of 2019, begun initially as a means of rehabilitation for our founder, Pamela. She had just suffered from a stroke at 36 and needed something to regain dexterity in her right hand. She began diving into her passion of creating spiritually nourishing products to feed the soul.

Pamela loves making all things pagan and occult more accessible to all. Accessibility is important not only for inclusion but to educate and therefore reduce prejudices.

"When I was starting out with tarot, I found it incredibly frustrating to not only figure out how to do a spread, but how to read the cards. I fumbled with the included booklet and felt absolutely lost. Watching my daughter grow up, I saw her experiencing the same issues. Hopefully, with this deck, more people can not only feel comfortable with reading their own cards but feel more empowered to do so."