Raven and Rogue is the publisher of the popular Tarotorial® Tarot Training Deck, which was created to help neurodivergent and new readers dive into the world of divination with confidence. We have divination training tools at many price points to make the occult accessible to all.

The Tarotorial® Tarot Deck is not only great for beginners at tarot, but those wishing to develop their tarot reading skills even further with a better understanding of the cards. It is a practical deck for tarot teachers as well, being a great beginner deck for their students.

The Team

 Pamela Coe Tarotorial

Courtney Raven and Rogue

Pamela (she/they)

Pamela worked in corporate marketing and creative design for fifteen years. After suffering a stroke at the age of 36, she now devotes her life to creating spiritual learning tools. She handles the design, writing, and marketing efforts.

Courtney (she/her)

Courtney had a long career in vintage automotive restoration as a Master Technician, having worked on an extensive portfolio of classic and collector cars. She's a transgender woman that has a passion for creating inclusivity and understanding in her community. She handles all of the logistics and business operations.