A diagram of the components of a card from the Tarotorial Expanded tarot deck

Tarotorial ® Expanded Tarot Deck


Restocking in May 2024!

Unleash your potential as a tarot reader and deepen your connection with the magical and mysterious symbols with the Tarotorial® Expanded Tarot deck for beginners! It contains artwork on each card and more associations to further your Tarot reading journey.

The Tarotorial® Tarot Deck is the perfect tool to open your doors to the unknown. And it's accessible to anyone, regardless of experience level. From beginners just starting their journey, to more experienced readers looking to dive deeper into the mysteries of tarot, this deck breaks down the symbolism and meaning of each card.

So, join us on the journey and pre-order Tarotorial® Expanded today to expand your Tarot experience!

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There is also some lesser-known information to enhance your knowledge. There are even descriptions of the traditional Rider Waite Smith cards, so there is no need to keep referencing a book of information. Everything is easily accessible at your fingertips for a more immersive tarot reading experience.

Tarotorial® is not only great for beginners at tarot, but those wishing to develop their tarot reading skills even further with a better understanding of the cards. It is a practical deck for tarot teachers, being a great beginner deck for their students.

Tarot Deck Details

  • Follows the Rider Waite Smith tarot system
  • 78 total cards - 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana
  • Gold foil on card backs, card edges, and box
  • Each card measures 2.75" (69.85mm) x 4.75" (120.65mm)
  • 400gsm cardstock with a luxe matte finish for supreme durability
  • Magnetic keepsake box with soft touch coating for a luxurious feel