Neurodivergence in Tarot

Neurodivergence in Tarot

While tarot is primarily an image-based medium, focusing on that imagery presents an obstacle to neurodivergent students. People whose visual processing differ from the neurotypical might struggle to pair the pictures on the cards with the meanings they represent. Others might have a hard time understanding why certain images and details are associated with those meanings. That ambiguity is then a stumbling block, keeping students who would otherwise continue in their learning to step away from tarot altogether. Tarot is for all, and should never seem intimidating or off-limits. 

Giving a description of the images in the Raider-Waite-Smith deck along with the traditional interpretations, the Tarotorial Tarot Training Deck helps students to make those connections early.

Rote memorization isn’t the best way for everyone to learn. It can often serve as a roadblock in development for readers, who often get stuck in the learning cycle before getting hands-on. If readers and students relieve themselves of the pressure to know the meanings before diving into tarot, they can begin to explore the medium with much more confidence.

No method of teaching tarot will reach all students equally. The Tarotorial Tarot Training Deck just allows neurodivergent tarot readers access to a curated tool where traditional teaching methods fail. And, it serves as a great refresher for seasoned readers who may benefit from a flashcard-like style of reference.


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